Dear employee,

As you are aware, before the Covid-19 pandemic began, Boss Cabins had intended to close for a two week period in the summer and shut down production entirely for that period.
However, as you all know things have changed enormously since we made that decision. We now believe it is essential to remain open and operational for that period for two reasons:


The UK government has imposed a two week quarantine period for everybody entering Britain from abroad. This means that if you take a holiday away from the UK then you will not be able to come back to work for an extra two weeks after you return from holiday. As we do not know when quarantine will lift yet, it would therefore be unwise for staff to book a holiday during the end July/early August period.


With construction coming back to life, we have seen a large spike in orders and have many more potential sales coming into the pipeline. We do not want to turn away customers and would like to be in full production throughout the summer to fulfil all these new orders. It would be economic madness to shut down production when we have so many orders to produce. It risks losing us orders and damaging the business going forward.

We understand that people are anxious to leave Britain to see family, to travel and have a holiday as soon as they can after having been locked in for so long. And we understand that it is a lot for us to ask for you to delay this. Therefore, we would like to offer you all a financial incentive to help us stay open throughout the summer and keep sales and production buoyant.

  • If you agree to delay your holiday until the start of the October half-term holiday on 17th October, we will give a bonus of £500.
  • If you agree to delay your holiday until November, this bonus will increase to £750.

As December is generally our quietest month, it may be possible to have an extended shutdown over the Christmas period in order to use up any holiday not taken during the year. If you do end up at the end of the year with any unused holiday days, these can, at the discretion of the management, be reimbursed financially or potentially carried over to next year.

Please contact Natasha to discuss any queries or to let her know about any holidays you may have booked already.

Yours sincerely,

Matthew Wordsworth Managing Director, Boss Cabins

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