Solar Hybrid

From a single solar panel to trickle charge the battery to a full solar array with 24/7 remote energy monitoring capabilities, we have the solar hybrid solution to suit your needs.

Using a combination of solar-generated power with a tiny back-up generator, our solar hybrid systems will minimise CO2 and other harmful emissions, cut noise pollution, reduce fossil fuel dependency and focus on renewable clean ways to power all the functions of your on-site welfare with a minimal carbon footprint.

In our Solar Hybrid systems, roof-mounted solar panels harvest free renewable energy from the sun during daylight hours, storing it in large capacity batteries to use as needed for all cabin functions.

If extra power is required, there is a small 3.5 or 2.3 kVA back-up generator which runs on renewable clean bio fuel, cutting up to 90% of harmful CO2 emissions and eliminating the need for fossil fuel. For your convenience, the generator can switch between bio fuel and diesel at any time and fuels can be mixed.

The intelligent electrical system will make sure there is always energy available to power the cabin, drawing energy directly from the solar production when possible, using the battery when not, and automatically activating the back-up generator if necessary for extra power or to recharge the battery.

Energy production and usage can all be monitored by an optional Smart system. This information can be accessed remotely 24/7 via WiFi or 3G/4G/5G Internet connection using an app.

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  • Slashes CO2 and other harmful emissions.
  • Harnesses free renewable energy from the sun.
  • Cuts fuel use and expenditure.
  • Reduced noise pollution from generator, especially important in sensitive residential areas.
  • Fewer generator hours means longer service intervals, reduced service costs, lower life expectancy and reduced environmental impact associated with service vehicle visits (fuel use, emissions, noise and road congestion etc.)
  • Optional energy production and usage tracking system means environmental performance can be monitored precisely.

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