Near-Zero Emissions

Our mission is to make our welfare units as close to Zero Emissions as possible while still providing full functionality for the user.

Right from the start, we were one of the first manufacturers in the UK to offer Eco electrical and solar upgrades on all our Boss welfare units, allowing users to cut their fuel consumption and emissions.

Then in 2020, we took a huge leap closer to Net Zero welfare with the launch of our patented DEEP GREEN 2030™ range, in which all electrical operations are powered by solar energy stored in lithium iron batteries, with only a tiny 3.5kVA Stage V generator for back-up. In data verified by independent industry watchdog Carbon Footprint Ltd., these were proven to cut carbon emissions by up to 8 tonnes a year and save up to 3260 litres of fuel compared to a comparable standard ‘eco’ welfare unit.

Now we have taken the Zero Emissions mission one step further and created Deep Green GENFREE™, the first mobile welfare cabin in the marketplace with NO ON-BOARD GENERATOR. With a patent-pending and rigorously tested design incorporating extendable solar arrays and vertical panels, enough solar energy is harvested to power ALL electrical operations effectively through the entire year, meaning no generator is required even for backup.

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  • Zero or minimal contribution to CO2 greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and hugely reduced local emissions so suitable for ULEZ and other environmentally sensitive sites.
  • Reduction in Carbon Monoxide (CO), Hydrocarbons (HC) and Particulate Matter (PM) emissions which can be damaging to human, animal and environmental health.
  • In Deep Green™ and GenFree™ welfare cabins, energy production, consumption, fuel use and more are monitored remotely 24/7 by the SOLARTrack™ system, making it simple to report on carbon savings for ESG scoring, Net Zero and other sustainability reports.
  • Many worksites, especially Tier 1, com now favour welfare cabins with low or close-to-zero emissions so rental rates may be higher and utilisation increased.

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